Guyanna Spurway – She Will Be Missed

Friday was Guyanna Spurway’s last “working” day at the College. She’s been at Wabash for over 39 years.  I am pretty sure she started when she was 7!!!

That same smile has greeted hundreds of Wabash visitors – from new students and their families to returning alumni.  Guy makes each and every person feel special.

As with many Wabash retirees, she is just simply transitioning to another relationship with Wabash.  After all, she lives just down the street and husband Jack is an alumnus.

I have often joked, when others have talked about how important certain people are, that the test is to put a hand in a bucket of water and then remove it.  If the water stays parted, they are simply too important to go.

I didn’t say that to Guy.  That water could just stay parted.

We wish Guy and Jack a great retirement!