One of the things you are taught as a fighter pilot at a very early stage is to constantly “check six”.  “Check six” means clearing behind you to make sure there’s no one on your tail.  (Can’t demo this if you’re wearing a digital watch!)

Here’s another version…


The story goes like this.  Peter Durant’s (Class of 1970) daughter is behind this BMW in the Washington, DC area.  The license plate is a personalized one.  Not unusual as many are out there.  But it surrounded by a Wabash College plate frame.  She snaps the shot and emails it to Dad.  Dad takes one look and…ahah! – JEC is Jane Castanias and GEC is Greg Castanias ’87.  Greg gets the email…completes the loop.

It just goes to show you that the reach is far and wide by this little college for men in rural Indiana.