Joe O’Rourke H’65 sent this to me.  It’s from a member of the Class of 1965 who was back on campus for the Big Bash this past June.

– – –

“I am a fellow member of the class of ’65 who left after three years to pursue a more active social life in Bloomington. I attended (and thoroughly enjoyed) last weekend’s festivities.  I’m always astounded when I run into one of my professors and they actually seem to remember me and greet me warmly just as you did. I had the same experience with Bert Stern a few years ago.

I must say that I remember 95% of my Wabash professors and about 5% of those that I had at IU.

When I was talking to a friend and classmate…about how great it would be if we could somehow come back to get degrees that say Wabash College rather than Indiana University, he responded by saying “Wabash will always be my academic home.” I can’t imagine a better expression of our feelings about Wabash.

It was great to see you.”