The Inside Story.

At each Big Bash, I pass up the Saturday night class dinners.  During the time of the dinners, it’s just the reunion book and me in my office.  I tried attending the dinners in the earlier days, but calculating all the different reunion statistics takes about 3-4 hours and I just don’t have the energy to hold that off until 10 at night.

A couple of years ago, Mary Jo, the leader of Bon Appetit’s operations here on campus, caught me sneaking back into my office with a Whopper and fries.  Magically the next year a reunion dinner showed up – no more of that Whooper stuff for you, she said.

This year I took the picture above.  Thanks to the Bon Appetit team, I had a tray of starters, a salad, the full dinner, and dessert. We are extremely fortunate to have these fine folks here, believe me.  And if the truth be told, no group is happier than they are that you, the alumni and friends returning, have a good time.

That team is here before I get here and here long after I leave…and always smiling.

I’d also mention that the staff delivered the extra food we had to a local charity.  Could have easily just tossed it, but not the right thing to do.

Good friends, those Bon Appetit folks.  Good friends indeed…