The Archives- A Great Reunion Stop

The Archives have proven to be a popular stop during reunions and it really doesn’t have anything to do with the age of the alumnus.  In this photo Scott Long (l) and Tim Craft (r), both from the Class of 2000, discuss Wabash with recent graduate Brandon Hirsch ’10.

I stopped by because the Archives is the entry way to the Scarlet Yarns, the storytelling portion of the Big Bash.  It had nothing to do with the fact that it was 20 degrees cooler there than outside.

Beth Swift does a great job with the Archives and her presentation to the Class of 1965 at their reunion dinner was lauded by all who attended.


Thanks Bon Appetit – The Inside Story

The Inside Story.

At each Big Bash, I pass up the Saturday night class dinners.  During the time of the dinners, it’s just the reunion book and me in my office.  I tried attending the dinners in the earlier days, but calculating all the different reunion statistics takes about 3-4 hours and I just don’t have the energy to hold that off until 10 at night.

A couple of years ago, Mary Jo, the leader of Bon Appetit’s operations here on campus, caught me sneaking back into my office with a Whopper and fries.  Magically the next year a reunion dinner showed up – no more of that Whooper stuff for you, she said.

This year I took the picture above.  Thanks to the Bon Appetit team, I had a tray of starters, a salad, the full dinner, and dessert. We are extremely fortunate to have these fine folks here, believe me.  And if the truth be told, no group is happier than they are that you, the alumni and friends returning, have a good time.

That team is here before I get here and here long after I leave…and always smiling.

I’d also mention that the staff delivered the extra food we had to a local charity.  Could have easily just tossed it, but not the right thing to do.

Good friends, those Bon Appetit folks.  Good friends indeed…



Ted and Sandy – Class of 1960 Reunion

Ted Wiese ’60, and his lovely bride Sandy, catch a rare minute of relaxing during last week’s Big Bash.  It was hot and humind, without much of a breeze, but in the shade near the Chapel?  Priceless.

The Class of 1960 had a great time and it seemed there was no such thing as a full night’s sleep, let alone a nap.

I think they had a good time and that’s all that matters.


I Sat Right There

That’s Nicolas Thireos, Class of 1960, pointing out his assigned Chapel seat to his lovely wife, Karen. 

The Chapel is always a stop for alumni and their families back for a reunion.  Their actions, regardless of their age, are always the same.  It’s one or two steps into the Chapel itself and stop.  Nothing said. No movement.  Standing still until it all soaks in.  I have tried to capture that in a picture but it’s tough to do.  I always feel like I an intruding on something too personal and private.

My sense is their initial reaction is "Thank goodness this is still the same."  Something about the timeless nature of our Chapel means that all the best of Wabash College remains exactly the same as in the Golden Years.  (Whenever they attended, of course!)

Nicolas and Karen made the trip from Rochester, New York.

John Deere – It's Good!

Tough to see, but the football turf is gone and the John Deere is putting the final loading touches on a pile of dirt.

I told a couple of folks we were putting in a new parking lot – not funny!

Work is well on its way…Wooster comes to town in early September – should be a great weekend!

And The Stories Begin…

The last couple of weeks before the Big Bash are a challenging time…I won’t kid you.  We deal with a lot of…well…let’s call it reunion "craziness" and leave it at that.  At the same time, we’re trying to get everything ready so that the Big Bash is a fun one for everyone who attends. 

So, on my way home tonight I decided to swing by the Quality Inn where the Class of 1960 was holding their informal "warm up" before the reunion begins tomorrow.  In many ways, I felt like I was invading their space and their time.  But I have to admit, it was good for the Grunge’s soul!


The smiles were wide and genuine and the stories were already reaching "history-making"…and they had just started.  The thought that good friends never go out of style hit me time and time again.  And the stories!  And the smiles!

Dick Kite, reunion chair (red shirt above), had some great name tags.  They included names…and yearbook pictures.  Talk about an ice breaker!


It all starts tomorrow!

Mark Rutherford '82 – National Vice Chair

At the Libertarian Party’s National Convention last month, Wabash’s own Mark Rutherford ’82 was elected National Vice Chair.

You can find this and other news on the party’s web site

Mark’s other day job finds him as a very successful attorney with the Indianapolis law firm of Thrasher Buschmann & Voelkel, PC.

Congratulations and best wishes, Mark.

Thanks to Terry Evitts ’78 for the tip! 

2010 Big Bash Is Almost Here

The 2010 version of the Big Bash begins this weekend.  As you can imagine, our staff is really busy.  Here’s a stack of some of the name tags we’re putting together.  A lot of folks put a lot into the Big Bash – the only thanks we want is for you to make the trip back to campus and have a great time.