Jury Duty – Another Wabash Story

So, I had avoided jury duty since leaving active duty (Oct 97) but they finally caught me.  Showed up in Court last Thursday, went through all the questioning, and then the judge dismissed me!  As I am standing up to leave, trying to figure out what I might have said wrong, he told me "Wabash Always Fights" and asked when the new fields would be ready.  I answered "Sept 11, Judge" and left.

Of course, I immediately knew he was a Wabash man and then I starting thinking that one of the attorneys might be a DePauw graduate and that’s why I was excused.  Or the judge was just being nice…

I emailed the judge later and asked how it had ended up.  He explained the outcome then told a similar Wabash story.  "A few years ago I was the trial attorney and the Police Officer was a Wabash grad. My first question to him on Cross Exam was, "You graduated from Wabash and you know I graduated from Wabash." "Do you no that the Prosecutor on this case is a Danny?" He and I laughed as he answered each question yes, then I followed with I just wanted to set the record straight.  The Judge was smiling he new the inside humor and the jury got a laugh also."

It’s a small but far-reaching Wabash world.