Alumni Board Unveils New Recruiting Poster

Alumni board member Brad Johnson ’71 looks on as the board’s recruiting committee unveils a prototype of a recruiting poster designed for alumni to display in their workplaces.  After a multi-year development cycle working closely with the Admissions office, the project is now in the hands of the board members and they’ll provide the feedback necessary to optimize the project.

It says: "I love my community.  I love my job.  And I love my college.  Find out why Wabash College could be right for you.  From me."


  1. Hey Grunge! I’d love to have one of those when they’re ready!

  2. In the spring of 1968, the intramural championship softball game was held at Mud Hollow. Betas versus Lambda Chis. I remember that John Goodrich was our coach at the Beta House. I had traveled to Chanute AFB for a flight physical that morning, and I somehow drove back with my eyeballs dilated (couldn’t see anything inside about fifty feet!) Anyway, I played left field. Game was close. We were ahead 3-2 in the bottom of the last inning. With one out, Lambchops had a runner on first. The next batter hit a sinking liner in my direction, which I somehow locked up and sprinted toward. I caught it on the shoelaces, surprising everyone. I saw Bill VanderHaar waving from first base. (Lambda Chi runner was making a dustcloud near second trying to get back.) I threw an easy one-bouncer to Bill, and that was the ballgame. If I recall correctly, that victory put the Betas over the top for the intramural championship. Ah, the things we remember. Really! The only fact I remember from CC was that Mateo Ricci was the first Jesuit priest in China. Seriously!