Bill Cook ’66 was the featured speaker at the 1832 Society Dinner this past Sunday.  I probably don’t even need to tell you he was GREAT – entertaining and making us think. His title was: "Dear Wabash: Old and New".

Bill’s comments seamlessly tied together our recollections of the giants of Wabash College – people like Byron Trippet, Willis Johnson (God),  Wendell Calkins – with the faculty and students of today.  Sure Wabash is different, Bill told us, but those legends of yesteryear have been replaced with the legends of today…and tomorrow.  Just wait and see.  

And the young men who study here?  Guys like Luke Robbins and Seth Einterz?  They are young men of great promise who will make a difference…just like those who have gone before. 

Different?  Yes.  The same? Yes, as well.

As I drove home, I thought of the phrase from another favorite of mine: "Wake Up The Echoes".  Bill did…and he reminded us again about the good in "this good place".

And then I am left wondering…what will we ever do when he leaves?  And I am pretty sure the answer is that a part of Bill Cook has been here since 1962 and will never leave.

And that is good in "this good place".