For a lot of reasons that need no press coverage, I’ve been in need of a good pep talk.  Reasons?  No ask, no tell applies.

Without knowing it, Scott Feller delivered the pep talk…in spades.  Scott’s short talk to the Dallas area alumni on Tuesday night was a home run.  For all of the folks assembled…and especially for me.

Scott’s personality, enjoyment of teaching, and closeness to our students came shinning through.  He clearly articulated how rewarded he felt when he witnessed our guys working hard and learning…the work and the learning at levels his students probably never dreamed.  It was clear to everyone that we were seeing another Wabash faculty legend in the making.

Now, the Grunge will stop short of ever taking a chemistry course but this is for certain – Scott Feller’s students get much more than a chemistry lesson – they get guidance for a lifelong quest for learning and a roadmap for being a better man.

A bargain at twice the price.