Finals Start Today

Finals start today.  I thought I might include a photo of the blue book – but that might cause too much pre-Holidays stress.  Just the sight of the blue book brings back…well, you know.

So instead you get a recent photo of the campus flag and the moon over Crawfordsville…it has absolutely nothing to do with finals…unless…you consider the guys have been up studying by the light of the…never mind. 

By Friday afternoon the guys will be headed home of the Holidays and the campus will be quiet.  By Tuesday we’ll be wishing they were back.  That’s the way it goes.   Extra bandwidth when they are gone…but the campus just isn’t the same.

Here’s to the guys traveling safe, having a great Holidays, and returning safely…

  1. Thank you for this post, Boss. It was pleasure meeting Mrs. Runge on Friday night. Expect a holiday email before Christmas. WAF.