Merry Christmas! And More…

Merry Christmas!  And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays / Holy Days!

Late yesterday I made the transition to GaBunge (Grandpa Grunge).  Good to try to put the database transitiion and college budget worries behind and concentrate on passing out plenty of "spoils".  I am pretty certain the challenges of work will all be there when I return.  I am also certain that these grandkids are growing up way too fast.  Maddy heads to the convent in only 4 more years!

So from Carol and Grunge a simple message – have fun and smile a lot while remembering the reason for the Season, whatever Season you celebrate.  I’ll be back after Christmas.

 Photo: A Wabash Holidays card from a past year showing Center Hall.  It’s on our Christmas tree in the Hays Alumni Center.

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours! And Happy New Year!