I’m off the next two days to Western PA, the old stomping ground of our Dean of Students turned AD, Tom Bambrey ’68.  Tom’s stories of growing up out there and finding his way to Wabash are classics.  The same is true of Chris Passodelis ’55 as well as his sons Chris and Bill, both Wabash men.

Of course, that got me thinking about Wabash in the good old days.  Different?  Yes.  Tough?  Yes.  A difference making place?  Absolutely.

Sometimes when we remember the Good Old Days, we’re really remembering the good of the old days, aren’t we?  My "good old days" we’re full of the Vietnam War and the unrest that went along with that unpopular war.  Kent State.  Protests.  The Draft.

But, as with all things in life, those memories have a way of melting into the background as the ringing of the Monon Bell, Freshman Saturday, Commencement, Homecoming, Comps results posted, and a million other good things take the forefront.  In those days, the college’s operating strength wasn’t even on our mental horizon.

But, today is different in that respect.  Serious challenges call for serious leadership and serious efforts.  This is a case in time where our will for things to go well will need to be backed up with proactive efforts to make it go well.  

You, that’s YOU, play a key role in this effort.

– Help us find an internship/ job for a young man.  Just a lead really helps.  
– Point out a young man who is Wabash material.  Get him referred to Admissions.
–  Send a gift, something you can afford, to Wabash for our young men – that’s where your gifts go – diretly towards educating these guys.  Good guys – just like you.  Not being able to do the same as last year may be a fact of life in this economy.  Doing something, anything, is good. 

Bill Cook ’66, and I have mentioned this before and will do so again I am sure, said three words last fall that continue to ring in my ears.  This Good Place.

Please invest in this, Our Good Place.