Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  On Wikipedia, it says today is:  “Administrative Professionals Day formerly known as Secretary’s Day is an unofficial secular holiday observed in the United States on the Wednesday of the last full week of April to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals.”

Now, in the Grunge’s Funk and Wagnalls I translate this to mean today is a day to honor those who keep the place running like warm butter.
Here that would be Michele Tatar and Heather Bazzani.

Michele takes care of al our alumni and parent communications.  When we get something from a class agent and he says “can you send this out in the next 14 seconds” it’s Michele who calmly puts it all together and gets it magically out the door.   Quicker than a blink.

Big Bash administration?  Michele invented the Big Bash…along with Anne Ford!

Michele keeps our parents posted on the campus with the Parent Post.  She assembles the entire newsletter and makes sure it’s full of good information – just the kind of info Moms and Dads need.

Heather Bazzani
handles virtually all of the updates to the Alumni data base.  That’s a full time job.  Our guys are constantly moving, changing jobs, starting and growing families.  She’s the one who keeps it all straight.  She’s also the young lady you’ve talked when you called in to RSVP for one of the many Wabash events around the United States.

Heather also handles a myriad of other correspondence and catches virtually all of my spelling errors.

So today Mike Warren and I ask you to join us in a tip of the hat and a hearty “Well Done” to Michele and Heather for all they do for Wabash College and its many alumni, parents, and friends.