Terry Endsley ’77 passed away last week.  Terry had been battling a brain tumor. His way-too-early passing leaves us all to wonder why.

Yesterday, when I was running, I thought back to the funeral and how he managed to live more in his 53 years than most do in 70-80…and it hit me.  Terry made every minute count and his days were obviously longer than most.  

–  Endless hours at Navistar – the only place Terry worked in his 32-year professional life.  From management trainee to the Board of Directors.  Unheard of today.

–  Great Dad and Husband.  It was plainly clear that he worked hard but he devoted himself to Cindy and their three children.  I could see it in their friends at the funeral…

–  I didn’t know Terry that well…we had played golf a time or two and met for breakfast when I was in Chicago and he could get away.  But in a strange way, I didn’t need to know him better to see the impact he had…and continues to have.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably summed up best by a note written by one of the many people at Navistar where Terry worked: "I guess God just needed another angel."

The photo at right is of the Hinsdale Golf Club where Terry belonged.  The flag flies at half-staff.  Fitting.