Tim Guiden ’82 stopped by last Thursday. He was in the area on business in his role as director of Admissions, Marketing, PR, and Alumni Relations (whew!) for St. Lawrence Seminary High School in Mount Calvary, WI. Tim was also here to visit his son who is a student at Wabash.

Tim graduated from St. Lawrence in 1978 and then came to Wabash. Following Wabash he pursued a law degree and became a very successful Staff Judge Advocate (Air Force lawyer) retiring as a Colonel.

Life after the Air Force called him back to his educational roots. For some reason, that sounds familiar!

Tim and I have talked over the years. (Unique because pilots don’t like to talk to Air Force doctors or lawyers!) When Tim visited this time, he dropped off a book he has written – Journey for the Soul. It’s written as a daily devotional. He asked me to take it by the Bookstore. I told him I would…but it might be a little dog-eared when it got there.

I wasn’t surprised at all that Tim has many talents – he’s a Wabash man. I didn’t expect him to be an author, but I wasn’t shocked either.

These Wabash men – certainly an interesting, talented, and diverse group!