Bill Cook '66 – Back on Campus

I caught sight of Bill Cook ’66 in Chapel the other day as we were singing “Old Wabash”. Bill is back on campus this year filling in for Bill Placher ’70 who is on sabbatical.

Cook normally can be found teaching at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo, New York. †In addition to a fine professor, Bill’s been a real contributor to our recruiting effort sending many a fine young man our way over the years.

Bill’s been recognized as an outstanding teacher. In fact, SUNY Geneseo has established The William R. Cook Fund for Excellence in Teaching.

Bill Cook ’66 – Some Little Giant – we’re glad to have you back!

  1. Dorothea C. Charles

    I wish to add to the salutations to an obviously fabulous professor. I want to thank him for taking the time to write such a lovely letter to me. He wrote to say I had not been chosen for his seminar in Italy.
    That may seem odd since I was not chosen, but the fact that the head of the seminar took his own time to personally express himself impressed me. I am a seventh grade English teacher and time is our most valuable commodity!
    Thank you Dr. Cook! I am going to do my own research since your website listed the bibliography. Have an eventful trip – they are always the best kind!
    Dorothea C. (Kate) Charles