The Mall earlier today. Beautiful day…not a cloud in the sky. Temperature perfect. Faculty, staff, students, friends, and families plus free lunch.

Perfect? Not quite.

If you have been on campus sometime within the last 30 years, you probably met Bill Melvin. Don’t worry if you don’t remember him – he’s a behind the scenes guy – someone who delivers more than you expect and doesn’t hang around to make sure you knew he was there. Not his style.

Today was for Bill…he has esophageal cancer.

Bon Appetit, his family on campus, threw a giant spread of food. No cost. All they ask is that the Wabash community make a gift to help defray the enormous expenses Bill and his family have. I won’t spoil the story I know will be posted shortly and reveal the size of our community’s generosity. Safe to say, though, that the Wabash community showed Bill and his family they matter…really matter.

Tonight, after you’ve read about the stock market, checked the weather, and before your head bounces onto that pillow, send a message up to the Big Guy for Bill and his family.

They are in a real fight – a fight for life – and they are giving it their all. Let’s be there with them.

Wabash Always Fights!