This picture is all about Wabash. One of our pathways lacks a single brick.

It’s one of the many brick pathways on campus. There are two approaches to this very slight imperfection. One is to say that the path is at least 99% complete and functions just fine the way it is.

The other approach is to say, simply, that one more brick will make the pathway complete. Useable. Safe. Let’s go find another brick. Let’s go do what it takes to make the pathway as much of a safe and unimpeded journey as it is a functional travel route. One more brick…that’s all it takes. Let’s go get another brick. That’s the Wabash way.

Please, as the fiscal year draws to a close, help us make sure we can get that brick. That extra microscope. Fund that immersion trip. Grant that scholarship. Open that door for a Wabash man.

Wabash men helping Wabash men – with the journey and with the destination. Why? Because that’s in our DNA as Wabash guys…

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For you regular readers, please do me a favor. Click on your class honor roll (here) and check for all your friends. If they are on there, great. If not, call one or two of them. Ask them to join you. One or two…for your Alma Mater.