Washington DC Crowd Gathers For Lunch

June 5, 2007. The Washington, DC Wabash group turned out in force for lunch at Union Station in downtown DC today…as you can see there was a lot of money moving around the table!

The group elected new officers as Bert Salinas ’97 stepped down after a very productive term as president. Jeff Crew ’05 was elected to take Bert’s place.  Bert is on the right in this picture and Jeff is the one with the pink tie.

This regional association remains one of the most active groups we have!

Tom Freeman '70 Gets Promotion

Tom Freeman ’70 has been promoted again by Regions Bank, a regional banking organization in the Midwest. Tom’s responsibilities now include 100 different bank locations and almost 1,000 employees.

Tom began his banking career right after graduation from Wabash and he has steadily risen in a very competitive and demanding environment. Somehow Tom also finds time to help with the Wabash admissions effort in local Lafayette, Indiana schools.  

Tom’s son Ryan is also a Wabash grad – class of 2001.

Congrats Tom…now, what about those low, Wabash-only interest rates?

The 1987 Phi Delts Dedicate Study Room

The Phi Delts from the Class of 1987 did a little different form of remembering during the Big Bash of 2007.

They took time out from the reunion to recognize and remember two deceased classmates – Brian Bosler and Rob West. Pictured are Rob’s mother, Carol McNabb, and Rob’s sister, Mindy. Brian’s parents were also in attendance.

The plaque dedicates the Phi Delt Study Room in the memory of Rob and Brian.

Laurent Kahl '82 Featured In Newsletter

Laurent A. Kahl, Wabash Class of 1982, was featured in the World Trade Center Atlanta June 2007 Newsletter.

Kahl has been involved with the WTC for the past 7 years and has been in the international business (Export/Import) arena for over 25 years. Laurent is presently working for Habasit USA ( , a Swiss global leader and manufacturer of conveyor belting products and motor reducers/gears used in a plethora of industrial applications ( to name a few: food, textile, automotive, distribution centers, airports, paper, wood, and business machines). He is presently responsible for their international sales activities in the Latin American region ( comprised of 25 countries) and resides in Atlanta , Georgia.

Laurent has a B.A degree in Business/French from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana . He is fluent in 5 languages ( Spanish, French , Italian , Portuguese and English) and is passionate about global business issues and opportunities. (Information from press release)

Congrats Laurent!

Class of 2007 – On Their Way To Greatness…

The Class of 2007 has joined the alumni ranks and as a last student act, painted the bench in the traditional red with the class number painted on the back.

This is how the bench looked when the men of 1957 returned to campus for their 50th reunion.

50 years separate the classes – but the Wabash experience, today and 50 years ago, is a constant. That’s the way we like it…

We call it a traditional but state-of-the-art liberal arts education…

In 2057, the young men of 2007 will return to tell the stories of their lives….imagine what those will be?!?


Kingery Hall – Stairway to Heaven

For all you with fond memories of Kingery Hall – here’s the steps from the driveway that used to lead to Kingery.

Many folks who returned for the 2007 Big Bash kept looking for Kingery – a flash back to former days, to be sure. The same crowd wondered where Waugh went – Hays Science Hall took its place.

Kingery will be replaced and the new structure will become the home of the Wabash Center For teaching and Learning In Philosophy and Religion.

The Class of 1957 Kazoo Band

The Class of 1957 didn’t feel real confident about the second verse of "Old Wabash" so they were innovative in developing a kazoo second verse at the 2007 Big Bash Chapel Sing Competition. 

It almost worked..they finished a close second to the Class of 1967.


Special…In Every Way!

In the photo…President Pat White, the legendary Ginny Hays H’37, Vic Powell H’55, Joe O’Rourke H’65, Charles Martin ’37, John Yanko ’57, Eric Shreve ’02, new Trustee and legend Don Shelbourne ’72…and about 300 other Wabash alumni.

It’s the conclusion of the Chapel Sing competition and from one side to the other, many deep, everyone was singing "Old Wabash".

I’m just a poor, dumb fighter pilot so the words easily escape me…but it was a special weekend…special in every way. The biggest reunion in the College’s history…guys from South Africa, Belgium, Thailand, and Canada. Thirty six states and DC represented. Class of 1967 had 66 members back – highest in history…

Time to start working on Big Bash 2008…


It Doesn't Seem That Long Ago!

Jim Herr ’92 and his wife looking through the Class of 1992 yearbook at Big Bash Registration. Th

ey were having a great time back at Wabash as were the other 400 people who were with us for Friday’s programs.

We expect another 200 or so today-we’re having a great time. Can’t wait for the Chapel Sing competition that starts later today.

When Jim graduated our incoming freshmen were 2 or 3 years old…

Sleep comes next week…