Those of you who read this blog know that the best "stuff" on it comes from others, not from the Grunge. Here’s a note Jim Amidon, Secretary of the College and Director of Public Affairs and Marketing, received from a local gentleman.


Dear Mr. Amidon,

This is a note to you about some of the fine men at Wabash. This evening a group of men came into a local establishment (Diggers) to see old friends and share fond memories.

They were there to see a man by the name of Darrel, who works there. He was surprised to see some of them as they were from the class of 2003. They heard that Darrel was quitting to start a new job with the local high school.

There were three gentlemen from the Class of 2003. They gave Darrel a Wabash t-shirt and a signed card from themselves. One man came from Missouri just to wish Darrel good luck on his new adventure. This shows that whatever you are doing at Wabash keep on doing it.

When they left these men asked Darrel to pose for a pictures then they gave him hugs and well wishes. Just thought you might like to know this is a great story about Wabash ,and the fine men who attend school there.

Thank you
Leo Johnson

p.s. I have lived all my life here but never went to school there.