This just in…from Jack Mansfield ’01…


Tom – 

I saw the post on your blog about Darrell and the visit to Digger’s. I was one of the guys who were there for his last night.  Attached is the picture (sorry about the low quality) that we took.  

It was a great night of sharing good food and good memories. Most of us even tackled a long time Digger’s breakfast favorite, the infamous “Bulldozer.”

I had been in Missouri for 2 months on a business trip, and was fortunate to be able to schedule my return trip to allow me to come out for this night.

From the left…

    John Russell ‘03

    Raymond Claycomb ‘98

    Donald Claycomb ‘01


    Jack Mansfield ‘01

 Digger’s just won’t be the same without Darrell at the grill.

 Thought you would like the pic.

 See you Saturday at the Franklin game!


(Jack Mansfield)