The Motto This Year

That’s the motto for the football team this year. †This Saturday we host a good Millikin team (1:00 PM). Last Saturday it was a tough, overtime loss to a good Franklin team.

I know we’ll rebound…Wabash Always Fights!

It never hurts, though, for you to be right here, cheering on the Little Giants.

And, since you’re making the trip, come a little early and see your Little Giant soccer team against Hope. Right here at Mud Hollow field. Starts at 11:00 AM.

Red – The Color of the Day

This news just in from Roger Senkbeil ’68 in South Bend, Indiana:

"Wabash is represented well at the Groundbreaking Celebration for a new building for the Clay United Methodist Church in South Bend!! Everyone wore red, but Harry chose a special shirt!"

Harry is Harry Alfrey, Wabash Class of 1964.

Ken Gorrell – Football Fan!

We caught up with Ken (pictured) and Janet Gorrell, parents of Austin Gorrell (Wabash #32 AND Franklin #32), before the Franklin – Wabash game last Saturday.

Austin played here his first year in college and then transferred to Franklin. Unfortunately, Austin broke his hand early in the year and will miss at least half of the season.

As you can see, Ken’s a fan of both schools. He and Janet both said they missed everyone associated with Wabash football and, after Saturday’s game, would be cheering for the Little Giants.


Now The Year Has Really Begun

Well…we’re off and running.

Using a new bench painting technique – do a few semi-straight lines then just pour it on – the Phi Psis have started the year off. As you can see in the background under the bench, they also created a small lake of red paint.

Evidence left at the scene also suggests they either added a number of eggs to the paint "formula" or there was some "incoming ordnance" during the paint job.

We’ll see how long this particular paint job lasts…it’s good to have the "lads" back!

Digger Update – from Jack Mansfield

This just in…from Jack Mansfield ’01…


Tom – 

I saw the post on your blog about Darrell and the visit to Digger’s. I was one of the guys who were there for his last night.  Attached is the picture (sorry about the low quality) that we took.  

It was a great night of sharing good food and good memories. Most of us even tackled a long time Digger’s breakfast favorite, the infamous “Bulldozer.”

I had been in Missouri for 2 months on a business trip, and was fortunate to be able to schedule my return trip to allow me to come out for this night.

From the left…

    John Russell ‘03

    Raymond Claycomb ‘98

    Donald Claycomb ‘01


    Jack Mansfield ‘01

 Digger’s just won’t be the same without Darrell at the grill.

 Thought you would like the pic.

 See you Saturday at the Franklin game!


(Jack Mansfield)


Making A Huge Difference – Without Even Knowing

Those of you who read this blog know that the best "stuff" on it comes from others, not from the Grunge. Here’s a note Jim Amidon, Secretary of the College and Director of Public Affairs and Marketing, received from a local gentleman.


Dear Mr. Amidon,

This is a note to you about some of the fine men at Wabash. This evening a group of men came into a local establishment (Diggers) to see old friends and share fond memories.

They were there to see a man by the name of Darrel, who works there. He was surprised to see some of them as they were from the class of 2003. They heard that Darrel was quitting to start a new job with the local high school.

There were three gentlemen from the Class of 2003. They gave Darrel a Wabash t-shirt and a signed card from themselves. One man came from Missouri just to wish Darrel good luck on his new adventure. This shows that whatever you are doing at Wabash keep on doing it.

When they left these men asked Darrel to pose for a pictures then they gave him hugs and well wishes. Just thought you might like to know this is a great story about Wabash ,and the fine men who attend school there.

Thank you
Leo Johnson

p.s. I have lived all my life here but never went to school there.


Coach Creighton – The Little Things That Count

That’s Wabash’s head football coach, Chris Creighton, keeping an eye on our receivers as the team prepared for the scrimmage last Saturday.

Coach is a leader and a details guy…techniques, such as the proper way to catch a pass, are important to him and his team. Those details can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

In many ways, a good receiver is just like a liberal arts college graduate. In life, as in football, the ball makes it way to you in a infinite number of ways. The good receivers are the ones who know the fundamentals, can think, analyze, and act, and apply that process†to every situation they face. Many, they’ve never practiced or even thought about. Just like life…the guys who handle it best are the guys who are prepared for it.

See you Saturday at Franklin…

Brent Harris – A Day in the Life

That’s Brent Harris in the red shirt – Brent’s our absolutely superb Sports Information Director. I caught him announcing the Wabash-Alma Soccer game on Saturday, September 2, 2006. A rare time, indeed, to see Brent sitting down!

Earlier in the day, he was working the Hokum Karem cross country meet. Later in the day he was working the Wabash football scrimmage.

Even earlier, Brent was preparing for all these contests. Even later he was doing all the follow-up an SID does. Packing a good 28 hours into a 24 hour day.

All of us benefit from Brent’s quality efforts – the stories on the web are up almost before the teams leave the playing field.

Thanks Brent, for all you do!

Coach Giannini – The Real Deal!

I knew right away I would like him…after all, in his emails to Wabash students he addressed them as "Lads".  As if that wasn’t enough, he gets excited when he talks about Wabash and about our soccer program – excited.

Coach Roberto Giannini has had the same impact on his "lads" as well – he has them fired up and raring to go.

Come back this fall and take in a soccer match as well as some football. Wabash soccer is on the move!