It Was 68 Degrees – Yesterday!

Detchon / Yandes Hall – March 12, 2014

Ok…it was 68 degrees yesterday afternoon…you know, a running outside kind of day.

That’s Detchon just minutes ago…and here’s the Sodexho guys cleaning the walkway in front of Kane House.  By the way, our team from Campus Services has been superb – but man, have they had a tough year.  They are here well before we start and long after we leave…

Kane House

Hope those guys in Arizona appreciate what they have!

Dog Gone…Maybe Next Year

Had a hunch I should stop by

Something this morning told me I should stop by “College Corner.”  Sure enough, the time had come to replace the Tulips.  It’s almost as if they don’t want to get to Commencement…so they can stay another year.  (I know, the Grunge is NOT sleeping well at all!)

On their way to tulip heaven

For Commencement, we’ll have Scarlet Waxbegonias, according to our ace grounds manager Tim Riley.

A “Freshman” Scarlet Waxbegonia


Interesting Weather – It Is Indiana, After All

A Little Ice…On Everything!

On Saturday, it was 59 degrees.

On Sunday, the temperature started dropping and the rain turned to sleet turned to ice.

On Monday, it was 16 degrees as I headed in to work.  A very light snowfall began in the afternoon.

A coating of ice on a lot of the trees and plants.  That, and the temperature, forced some of our young men to put hats and winter coats on…over their shorts!

Must be Indiana.


Austen Crowder '07 Speaks On Campus

Austen Crowder ’07

Austen Crowder ’07 graduated just over five years ago.  She has undergone an interesting journey in those five-plus years.  Austen shared a bit of that journey with a standing room only crowd at lunch yesterday.

It was an up close and personal look at her transition.  Not from a details standpoint but from a look at the emotional bombardment and psychological struggles she faced.


A packed classroom with many standing or seated on the floor

Clearly her Wabash education made a big difference to her thoughtful, courageous effort.

Fall Break Begins

Fall 2012

Talked to a number of guys yesterday…the last day of classes before Fall Break.  To a man they were all ready for a couple of days of rest.

They take off today through Sunday…only 4 days.  But the Thanksgiving break for them is a week long…then the Holidays are right around the corner. Oh the life of a student (don’t tell them I said that!)

Grunge and CINC Grunge head to St. Louis tomorrow.  My last road trip until the playoffs.  The Grand Canyon trip is at the end of the month.



St. Louis Sendoff – A Great Model

A Crowd – Inside and Out

This is the fourth year the St. Louis alumni group has held their summer sendoff.  Each year it’s grown.  This year over 60 folks – alumni, family, current students, new students – gathered to talk about Wabash College and answer questions.

We had alumni from the 1950s through a 2012 graduate and current students from seniors to sophomores.  Some discussions centered on the new student experience, some on Wabash sports, and some on networking in the St. Louis area.  Kind of a win-win-win scenario.

The formula is a simple one.  Anne and Tom Walsh ’73 have been super generous in hosting these events.  They open up their home and they provide all the food and beverages.  Susan and Jim Dyer ’83 are the “spark plugs” that get the St. Louis engine running, getting the word out to all in the area.

Thanks go out to Anne and Tom and Susan and Jim and all the folks in the St. Louis area. See you at the Wash U. game, if not before!

New Class Agents – Class of 2012

Tyler Wade '12 and Kyle Bender '12

We’re proud to announce that Tyler Wade ’12 and Kyle Bender ’12 have been selected as the Class Agents for the class of 2012.  We had a number of guys volunteer from the class and, as has been the case often, selecting the new agents was a challenge.

You’ll probably remember Tyler and Kyle from the inaugural Road Trip of 2011.  Took that photo as they were driving through another college campus in Indiana.

All the best to the Class of 2012 and their class agents.

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