Levi Kinney

On his first night as a Wabash study-abroad student in Spain, Levi Kinney ’16 took a seat at his host mom’s table in Segovia.

“She lifts the top off of a plate, and it’s this steaming serving of paella—real Spanish paella,” Kinney explains to Indianapolis Monthly. “So I sat there and ate a meal in Spain, looking out at the wall of a fortress that has been around for 400 years, and I was just blown away. Are you kidding me? A kid from a trailer park west of Detroit is in Spain all of a sudden?”

That was a life-changing meal for Kinney, and led to the debut of his Fishers Test Kitchen walk-up, Gordito’s Rust Belt Tacos & Tortas.

Kinney talked more about his passion for food, and his new restaurant in a feature published recently in Indianapolis Monthly. Read the full story here.

While at Wabash, Kinney double majored in psychology and Spanish. He was an independent, and a member of the wrestling and rugby teams.