Steven Hartenstein

After Steven Hartenstein ’81 retired last month and transitioned to emeritus status, he reflected on his career as Idaho National Laboratory’s chief science officer for National and Homeland Security research in a feature story published on

Hartenstein’s career was dedicated to security research. The work he accomplished during his service to INL have impacted decisions made at the highest echelons of U.S. national security organizations, including White House briefings for the president, according to the story. His work as the chief science officer for National & Homeland Security at INL guided development of the country’s top security research talent.

But he described his role with a healthy dose of humility.

“I used to tell people ‘I am never going to be an Einstein,’” Hartenstein said in the story. “I want to help the next Einstein be the Einstein.”

You can read the full feature story here.

While at Wabash, Hartenstein majored in chemistry and minored in mathematics. He was an independent, and a member of the baseball team, WNDY Radion and concert band.