Yesterday the three recipients of the Kenneth Rhys Rudolph European Summer Study Abroad Scholarship this past summer were able to meet and thank the scholarship benefactors in person.  Family members Dr. Rhys Rudolph and his daughter, Kathryn Rudolph Diekhoff met with the students at the Elston Homestead with President and Mrs. Hess.

The Rudolph Summer Study Abroad Scholarship was established by friends and family members to honor the memory of Kenneth Rudolph, a 2005 cum laude graduate of Wabash College, who died in a tragic automobile accident in 2006.  Ken so appreciated his own study abroad experience in Stirling, Scotland at the University that his family established a tribute so that students may enjoy the same opportunity.  It is intended to offer the experience to students who are unable or choose not to be away from campus for an entire semester, yet they have experiences in travel and academics in another country.  The first Rudolph summer scholarship was awarded in 2007.

Dr. Rhys Rudolph, Ronnie Posthauer '15, Jack Montgomery '15, Kathryn Diekhoff, and Andrew Tyler '15.
Dr. Rhys Rudolph, Ronnie Posthauer ’15, Jack Montgomery ’15, Kathryn Diekhoff, and Tyler Andrews ’15.

Tyler Andrews ’15 (Florencia, Italy), Jack Montgomery ’15 (Sevilla, Spain) and Ronnie Posthauer ’15 (Goethe Institute, Germany) each had his unique story to tell about travel and study abroad and future plans and aspirations after graduation, all of which involved more study, travel, and work abroad.

The Kenneth Rhys Rudolph Memorial Fund for European Summer Study Abroad is administered through the Off Campus Study Office.  Click here for information about the scholarship and how to apply.