Emeritus Professor of Art Greg Huebner H’77 is the current featured exhibitor at The DeHaan Center at the University of Indianapolis.

“30-Year Retrospective: Paintings & Works on Paper” features works spanning 1981-2014.  From Greg’s artist statement:  “These compositions, be they aggressive or contemplative, deal with harmonizing very divergent structural opposites.  The search for harmony and balance through the act of painting continues in my work to this day and I expect it always will.”

Greg was Chair of the Art Department at Wabash College from 1974-1991, and 2002-2008, and held the rank of Professor of Art from 1990 until retirement in 2008.  He is Artist in Residence at the technology company Apparatus, in Indianapolis.  Click here to read about Greg’s work at Apparatus, see him at work in the studio, and view a portfolio of his art.

“30-Year Retrospective” will be on exhibit through Feb. 7.  The DeHaan Center gallery is open weekdays from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and is free to attend.

Congratulations, Greg!



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