Who IS that behind the mask?

Roy Sexton ’95 has always been interested in theater and movies.  He was an English major at Wabash, and was active in Wabash theater as a student.  After Wabash, he continued an avid interest in community theater wherever he resided, in addition to earning an MA in theatre from Ohio State and an MBA from the University of Michigan, while advancing in a corporate affairs career.

Reel forward:  Coming to a theatre … er … bookstore near you: Reel Roy Reviews, Vol. 1: Keepin’ It Real! His ongoing blog of movie reviews will be released as a book on February 28.  Click here to find out more: “The book is a compilation of essays composed in tribute to (and sometimes frustration with) the art-form known as “cinema” —with a few theatre, music, and concert analyses thrown in for good measure. As a populist at heart, Sexton’s sensibility is grounded in a desire to see good stories, well told.”

Thanks for the update, Roy!