Jon Pactor ’71, aka “The Bow Tie Guy” at Wabash, spends a lot of time on campus, but he also literally lives and breathes Wabash every day in his office as an attorney in Indianapolis.  Click here to read the news from the July 14  Indianapolis Star:  every Wabash man should have such a Red and White room!

As is well known, Jon has been involved in and founded countless Wabash events involving alumni:  Admissions volunteer, TKE house alumnus and advisor, OLAB coordinator for Labor Negotiation Day, founder of the annual Alumni Faculty-Staff Symposium, co-founder of the inaugural Wabash Fraternity Day first held last April, and founder of the national Wabash Day for alumni community volunteer projects.  To name a few.

Thank you, Jon, you are the definitive Some Little Giant!