A recent online CASE blog reported that Wabash ranks seventh in the top 10 liberal arts colleges, with respect to the percent of its alums on LinkedIn who are also members of the college’s LinkedIn group. According to the analysis, 47% of Little Giants who are on LinkedIn are also members of the LinkedIn Wabash College Alumni group.

LinkedIn can be a great source to connect or re-connect with fellow alumni.  Whether you are a soon-to-be, recent, or long-tenured Wabash grad, you may use LinkedIn for support from the Wabash alumni network, or just to find a long-lost classmate to catch up.

Wabash College Alumni
The National Association of Wabash Men (NAWM) includes all alumni of Wabash College.

Click here to link to the Wabash College LinkedIn page to get started, and to view some interesting demographic statistics about the Wally group.