Last Saturday the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis teamed up with David Orr ’92 and his wife, Bonnie Mill, of The Sapphire Theater Company, on production of the first “Adult Swim” party at the museum, featuring exhibits, a dance club, a tasting station by Indy local Sun King Brewery, and other experiences.  The Children’s Museum and The Sapphire Theater, a nonprofit mobile theater company, will share the proceeds from the event to support arts education purposes at their respective locations.

David is also president of DAO Studios, Inc., and as a fine art painter and scenic artist, a sculptor, a designer, a master carpenter and builder, he has worked all over the country — including on Children’s Museum projects in Indianapolis, such as “Take Me There – Egypt,”  “Barbie,” and the Membership Kiosk, in recent years.

Don’t’ worry – if you missed the event on Saturday, rumor has it that planning for Adult Swim 2014 is already in the works!