IAWM Honors Mac and Gloria Petty

Mac and Gloria Petty at dinner

Over 100 golfers turned out on a blistering hot day for the annual Mitchum Crock, sponsored by the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men, and to honor Mac (H’82) and Gloria Petty for their many contributions to Wabash College.

Scores didn’t matter on a day that saw the heat index hit 120 degrees!  From my seat at the registration table, it appeared everyone had a great time.  Certainly the ice and bottled water industries must have had a record day.

Many of Mac’s former basketball players and golf team members were out to say their “Thanks” to Coach and his wife.  Mac will remain as golf coach but has handed the reins of the basketball program over to Antoine Carpenter ’00.

Mac Petty H'82, Josh Estelle '00, and Tom Welch '94

  1. To all who attended the “Crock”, I want to thank you for the remarks and hello’s. My wife and I had a great time. I really enjoyed seeing the many alums who attended and especially some of my former players. I appreciate all you have done to support Wabash. In my 35 years I’ve seen some great changes to the college and many of those most recent. I would hope you will continue supporting the college so it may continue in the direction you have allowed it to go. All you guys are “Some Little Giants”.