Smoking at the Chapel

The Class of 1966 added some extras to their Chapel Sing performance at the 2011 Big Bash and it earned them another first place in the Chapel Sing competition.  The Class of 1966 is the first repeat champions – winning in 2006 (their 40th reunion) and in 2011. Favorites for 2016?  Absolutely!

But it takes preparation.  In the photo Jay Fisher ’66 and Cal Black ’66 test their smoke machine on Friday morning.  They wanted to make sure they had it down pat for Saturday.  I was there because I wanted to make sure the Chapel didn’t burn down!

Jay Fisher models the headgear

The Class came through the front doors, through the smoke, to the music of “Chain of Fools”.  They then sang Old Wabash adorned with…ah…ahh…headgear.

Many thanks to Jay’s lovely bride, Marty, who made all the music work.  Congrats to Bill Berry ’66 as well – he was their actual song leader.

It was a fun weekend for all, I think.