Your Commencement?

As the bleachers go up, we all pause and remember our Commencement weekend….

–  Outside or inside?
–  Hot and Humid or just hot and humid?
–  Speakers?
–  Your president?
–  Your favorite professor?
–  Your favorite Wabash moment?
–  The feeling as you walked away from campus that day?
–  Where you thought your future was headed versus where you were headed?

It’s almost exactly the same for Jake German, Kyle Grand, Jacob Surface, Jake Ezell, Alex Avtgis, Derrick Yoder, Ben Burkett, Dominique Thomas, Tommy Mambourg, Josue Guitierrez, Jake Kolisek, Kody Lemond, Evan Rhinesmith, Grant Schmutte…and the rest of the Class of 2011.

Hope you’ll share some of those stories at Scarlet Yarns on your next reunion.