We attended the Honorary Degree Recipients Luncheon on Sunday – you can read about the honorees elsewhere on the college web site.  Interesting points in the talks of all three:

Bob Charles ’59 – Wabash prepared me for life after Wabash, regardless of what I did. From making graduate school look easy to identifying the opportunity in risks in several different areas, it was my Wabash experience that made me successful.

Gov. Mitch Daniels – Wabash is even more important today than at any time in its history.  With the alarming trends in the number of young men seeking an education, Wabash continues to give our state and nation world changers.

Dr. Walter Massey – Wabash, like Morehouse, creates young men who are leaders, change agents, and role models during a time when they are desperately needed.  I have always been a Morehouse Man and today I’m proud to be a Wabash man.

Impact – regardless of your vantage point – impact!

Despite the rain and other distractions, it was a day to remember.  Most of all, for the young men and their families in the Class of 2011!