Guy Kinman '40 Lauded As Light In The Dark

Guy Kinman '40

Guy Kinman is 93 years old.  Most men at that age have settled well into retirement.  But not Guy.  This Wabash graduate is still active in his community and still an activist for GLBT rights in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Recently Guy was featured in a report done by Bill Lohmann of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.   You can read the entire piece here.

Update from Japan

We’ve attempted contact via email with all alumni in Japan.  Thus far, we’ve heard from 6 of the 15 alumni with an email address and all six are reporting in that they are OK.

Everyone has mentioned the widespread devastation and they expect the death toll to go much higher.

Liberal Arts Education in 2011 – Outdated?

Well, if you listen to some folks, a bachelors degree in the liberal arts no longer cuts it.  Here’s the piece from CNBC.

They included a one question survey.  So you know me, I took it!  Results are:

The Survey Said:

Of course, we believe we produce results that run counter to this argument every single day.

OK, Wallies, get on there and vote!

Six-handed Piano Playing Glee Clubber?

Stephen Maynard '11, Bryan Burzon '11, and Shun Umehara'14

There are three Glee Club members – and six sets of hands – playing this one song, Das Dreyblatt.  Even after Cheryl Everett, the Glee Club accompanist, announced the music selection and explained how it would be done, I still wasn’t sure.

The folks at the Heritage Community couldn’t believe it either and gave them the big round of applause.  A fun evening for all!

Congressman Todd Rokita '92 Hosts Glee Club

Congressman Todd Rokita '92 with the Wabash Glee Club

Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita ’92 welcomed the Glee Club to Washington, DC and his office in the Cannon Office Building, right across from the Capitol.  Todd took time to explain the current challenges facing the Congress and answered questions before having to leave for an important budget meeting.

Todd’s office also make arrangements for a special tour of the Capitol building by the Club.  It was easy to see Todd is totally dedicated to the people of Indiana and treasures his Wabash experiences.

The Glee Club in the Capitol's Rotunda

Proud On So Many Levels

Ashraf Haidari '01

Ashraf Haidari ’01 graduated from Wabash in a completely different world.  We all know how much that world changed on September 11th – less than four months after his Commencement.

Since those days, Ashraf has begun raising a family, achieved an advanced degree, and become a leading statesman for his country – Afghanistan.  Yes, statesman is the right word – the challenges they face are astronomically large but he was the talents, and the will, to move those mountains.

He talked on March 3, 2011 to a packed International Hall about his homeland and the challenges the Afghans face.  Not woe is me.  Not we want America out.  Nothing like that.  A very calm and straightforward review of where they have been, where they are, and what the future holds.  I can not even begin to tell you how much I admire Ashraf and how proud I am of him.

Wabash Student From Pakistan

After the presentation, one student, shown in the picture, brought up the challenges in that part of the world from his homeland’s perspective.  This young man is from Pakistan and, as you can imagine, has a different view of the impact of terrorism in that area, especially when it comes to which countries are doing enough and which ones aren’t.  Did he disagree with some of what Ashraf had to say?  Yes.  Did they discuss it like true gentlemen?  Yes, indeed.  I was proud of them both.

A Wabash without an Ashraf Hadari and this intelligent young man from Pakistan would be a lesser place.

As an “Oh by the way”, I was seated at a table with a young man from Crawfordsville who is now a Wabash student.  As a “townie” myself, I ask him what made him come to Wabash.  “Ashraf Haidari”, he said.  Ashraf worked in the college bookstore and took the young man under his wing when he was a boy of 8.  Think about that course of events.

Brett Butler Is A Sportsman Of North America

Brett Butler Warming Up His Bow

Brett Butler ’90 says he never wins anything.  Guess what?  That’s all changed.

Brett won the opportunity to go bear hunting through the show Sportsmen of North America. Here’s the link to the film clip.  The distance between the bears and Brett?  Less than a first down…that’s less than 10 yards for the non-football types.

Well, how did he do?  You’ll just have to watch the video.  Check out his shirt at breakfast, by the way.

Bob Stootoff '57 Checked In From New Zealand

Some of the damage in New Zealand

Wabash legend Dick Strawn shared an email exchange he recently had with Bob Stootoff ’57.  Bob lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and reported, through Dick, that they had been well-shaken and were still shaking but they were OK.

Others weren’t as lucky, obviously.  One resident woke up to find the road in front of his home gone.

Thanks to Dick Strawn for the report!

Fields of Dreams

A quick update for you baseball and soccer fans.

With the sunshine, the baseball construction looks a lot better.

It’s still muddy everywhere and we are expecting rain this weekend.  However, we’re still scheduled to start the home season with a doubleheader on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 1:00 PM.  Not sure who we play (I didn’t check) but it doesn’t matter.  It will be a great day for Wabash baseball, the oldest sport at Wabash.


Wonder where that “W” will end up?

He's digging in the old outfield!

Meanwhile construction is moving along in Mud Hollow.  They’re putting in the drainage system, it appears, for the new soccer field.  Can’t wait to see an overhead shot of the campus – hint, hint – once these are all complete.

Lambda Chi Hill

They’ve changed the hill near the Lambda Chi house, making the area for Mud Hollow larger.

Wabash "Owns" March Issue of Indianapolis Monthly

Wabash College has some prime real estate in the new edition of Indianapolis Monthly.  On the cover is Jordan Blackwell ’10, a recent graduate who was a varsity swimmer during this time at Wabash.

On page 40, the new Black Swan Pub in Plainfield is featured.  Our own DJ McCallister ’97 owns the Black Swan and his chef is Nick Carter ’95.

Small Wabash World?  Maybe, but growing every day!

Thanks to Hugh Vandivier ’91 for the detective work!