Professor Norwood Brigance Honored

Crawfordsville Public Library

The Crawfordsville Public Library has become the new “big thing” in C’ville, surpassing even the Courthouse.  The library is a beautiful structure just around the corner from another C’ville landmark…Arnis.

In a style similar to our own Goodrich Room in the Lilly Library, some pretty impressive names are carved directly into the stone facings of the building.  Recently, a Wabash legend’s name was added to the structure – “Brigance” for our own Professor W. Norwood Brigance.

Prof. Todd McDorman sent me the photo – thanks Todd.  Give it a few generations and “Brigance” will match the others for “wear and tear”.  Meanwhile, it’s nice to see this giant of Rhetoric recognized in our town.  Professor W. Norwood Brigance taught at Wabash from 1922 to 1960.

  1. the Ties that Bind in this wonderful place: This morning I have exchanged comments on Facebook with Tom Oest(grandson of Brigance), and Jerry O’Rourke. When Dad couldn’t attend homecoming, my sister and I sat with Joe O’Rourke. Tom Oest will be with dad at the Brigance wall dedication. The speech department developed some very strong bonds indeed! What a wonderful tradition we all grew up in.