32 Years.  32 Admissions Cycles.  2,700 plus applications.  Over 500 matriculants.  That’s two entire classes of Wabash students.

Did I mention 32 years of Admissions cycles?  I barely made it through two here.

Mike Reidy is retiring from Wabash Admissions.  A small group gathered last week to say Thanks and All the Best.

Chip Timmons ’96, with Mike above, was the roaster.  He kept it PG rated.

Mike Reidy touched so many people in a positive way.  Think of all the high school counselors. You know they were helped by Mike’s hard work.  Think of all the families, whether or not their sons came to Wabash.  You know they benefited from Mike’s sage advice.  Think of all of us – we knew Mike was a great spokesman for us – he always painted a great picture of a Wabash education.  32 years…and over 80 different folks in Admissions.  All have the same feeling – Mike is a great friend!

Mike – it won’t be the same.  Having said that, we’ll figure out how to make it work.  Your fingerprints are all over the way we personally recruit each young man.  You should be very proud!