So, another restless morning and another trip to campus earlier than normal.

I thought I’d take a photo or two of the work on the new baseball field from a different perspective – deep in center field looking Southwest towards home plate.  You see, deep in center field was never a place I hit a baseball, simply a place where I ran wind-sprints as a pitcher.


The guys hadn’t started yet this morning, but there’s been a lot of progress thus far in leveling the playing field, so to speak!

What caught my eye, up close, is what appears to be a the mound of dirt outside left field.  I’ve shown you pictures of this before.

I’ve seen similar structures in another life.  What made me wonder is the ventilation pipes strategically located around the "mound".  Here’s a closer look.  

Hmmmm…drainage?  Ventilation?  Comm lines?

Bunker?  The new Wabash College Command Post?

Just kiddin!