In a matter of days, another rack full of diplomas and bright futures will be handed to the Class of 2010 by President Pat White.  

The men of 2010 will take a last stroll across campus, surrounded by their families and friends, and they’ll soak it all up one more time.

Then it will be different – for them and for those of us who remain.

You see, they’ll never come back to the same "round" holes they leave – because they are now alumni and they fit in the "square" holes.  It has nothing to do with shapes and everything to do with the inevitable passage of time.

Theirs’ is a bright future, despite the world they enter.  That’s because they have the potential to change that world…and hopefully they will.

We’ll wring our hands and say to ourselves that we aren’t quite sure how we can replace the talents.  Jon’s incredible science skills, Matt on the football field, Gary’s writing ability and community involvement, Aaron on the basketball court, Will’s leadership and cool demeanor, Chad’s work ethic in the classroom and on the field, and many, many more too numerous to mention.

But a strange thing will happen as it does every year.  The Class of 2010 will be remembered but those round holes will be filled by the bright and talented Class of 2011.  

We won’t skip a beat BUT we will remember the Class of 2010.

Safe travels, my friends.