The newest edition of the Wabash Magazine is out and I like it.  The cover features a parody on the popular magazine Mens Health.  I guarantee the cover will get you to open the magazine and when you do you’ll see the focus is squarely on men’s health.  I strongly recommend Tim Padgett’s (Class of 1984) piece but beware…don’t read it in a library or other quiet space because you’ll be laughing out loud.

I especially like the non-nonsense coverage of two factors that affect many men – heart disease and prostate heath.  As a prostate cancer survivor (as well as my youngest brother) I can’t suggest strongly enough you get your PSA tested every year.  I also lost two brothers, younger brothers, to heart attacks.  So, Wabash alumni, read and reread as necessary!

Kudos to our Magazine superstar Steve Charles H’70 and special co-editor Kim Johnson for their work – well done!