The Grunge Report will be off the air next week.  The Grunge will be hiking down into the Grand Canyon and, hopefully, back out again.  So, to you faithful 9 readers (yes, we are up 2!), look for something after Thanksgiving week.

I am making the trip with alumnus Dudley Burgess ’64 (leading the way), his sons, my son (Chris ’94), Tim Oliver ’89, and some soon-to-be friends.  Should be a great time!!!

In the meantime, there are several other Wabash Blogs you will enjoy – just click here.

The answers to those questions…

Yes, I have been working out more.  Yes, I am ready!   Yes, the will is updated.  If this is the last sortie – I get down and can’t get back! – bury me at Arlington.  In lieu of flowers please make a gift to the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, or the Smile Train.

And sprinkle a little JP-8 on my grave – I miss that aroma! (Ropes – Jim Roper ’68 – can explain!)

Happy Thanksgiving!