Grunge Report To Be "Off The Air"

The Grunge Report will be off the air next week.  The Grunge will be hiking down into the Grand Canyon and, hopefully, back out again.  So, to you faithful 9 readers (yes, we are up 2!), look for something after Thanksgiving week.

I am making the trip with alumnus Dudley Burgess ’64 (leading the way), his sons, my son (Chris ’94), Tim Oliver ’89, and some soon-to-be friends.  Should be a great time!!!

In the meantime, there are several other Wabash Blogs you will enjoy – just click here.

The answers to those questions…

Yes, I have been working out more.  Yes, I am ready!   Yes, the will is updated.  If this is the last sortie – I get down and can’t get back! – bury me at Arlington.  In lieu of flowers please make a gift to the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, or the Smile Train.

And sprinkle a little JP-8 on my grave – I miss that aroma! (Ropes – Jim Roper ’68 – can explain!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Tom — when are you going to be out here in AZ? I have hiked the Canyon up and down many many times over the past years (my personal record is 6 hrs 30 mins up and down the Briget Angel trail last year — about 16 miles total). Hope you have a great trip and if you ever need another hiking partner let me know — I’m always up for a trip. I did the North Kaibab about 2 months ago but unfortunately is has closed for the season. It is a long drive to the North Rim but definitely worth it if you have the time. Just make sure you have a camping spot, a lesson I learned that had me sleeping in my car overnight!
    Tony Caldwell