Chapel Sing – The 2009 Edition

So, another Chapel Sing.  I am a big fan – there are others who aren’t. 

This year I tried to do the liberal arts "thing" and ask myself" "What is it that bothers people about Chapel Sing?"  It hit me.  Take a part of the Sing away from the whole experience and it looks like child’s play.

I thought back to my first jet solo and the tradition of throwing the "solo-ist" into a tank of the most disgusting water I have ever seen/smelled.  To focus on the getting thrown in the water – it all appears childish.  But that’s also to miss the fact that it’s a part of a much grander thing – flying a jet by yourself and joining a pretty elite fraternity.  

The sum of it all is MUCH greater than the parts.

I tested that little theory today.  I picked out a big, husky creature with face paint…and a little guy who was 4’6′ tall and weighed 80-something.  I walked by them every so often, and sweated a few bullets when one of them got dragged into the Chapel.  As Chapel Sing continued, their singing sure didn’t improve.  But for both, the increase in their self confidence was clearly visible.  You see, Chapel Sing isn’t really about singing, it is about belonging.  You prove to your brothers that you belong by learning the song and demonstrating your ability to put "Old Wabash" and the college above the noise level. 

Scientific?  No way.  But it feels right.

Today, we have 250-ish Wabash men.  And they know they have arrived…


For more photos, click here.

  1. Mr. Runge,
    My first Chapel Sing today, too! I loved watching it! Just another tradition that makes Wabash so special! We love traditions!! WAF!
    Liz Raeburn