Senior Bench Painting – Hmmmm!!!

At some point over the weekend, the senior bench received a fresh coat of paint. That’s kind of unusual for the summer – very common for the school year.  The choice of paint colors, though, with black a predominant color, makes you wonder who decided to do the painting…hmmmm….

As I took the photo, a Wabash student came up and offered that the bench had been painted by someone from a nearby liberal arts college and that he and his fellow students, having seen the sight, had hastily removed that paint and repainted the bench with the red they could find.  He told me a better paint job would happen this evening – I’ll go back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, as you can see from the recently removed colors, black was indeed a color of choice…and maybe some gold as well?


  1. Interesting and nice commentary on Wabash Men that students took the immediate initiative to address the fouling of the Bench — during summer break. Compare and contrast to the chance that would happen on a certain campus to the south — likely home of the offenders.