That’s Bill’s office…actually, both Bills…Placher and now Cook.  Bill Placher ’70.  Bill Cook ’66.

I met with Bill Cook to talk about a great alumni travel opportunity next year (stay tuned for details – this is one you will not want to miss).  I told Bill I would come over to his office – he’s a busy campus leader and I am well…you know me.  

I wondered how it would be…how it would feel?

It was…well…perfect.  And I mean that.  It’s almost as if Bill Placher willed it to Bill Cook.  It’s Bill Placher’s books, desk…and soul.  Bill Cook knows all of that…and it fits him better than an OJ Simpson glove.  Bill Placher left his campus "home" to someone who can "live" there.  And Bill Cook is living there, for sure.

I did ask about all of Bill Placher’s books and got an answer I half expected.  Of course they will be used for good – of that I had no doubt.  But Bill Placher wanted them shipped to a Third World Seminary…priceless.

As I made my way back to the 1974-1999 Conference Room in Hays Alumni Center (my temporary office) I did so with a smile on my face.  As with all Wabash legends, we are left here to worry about our loss and how will we ever be able to replace the legend.  Bill Cook would be the first guy to tell you he isn’t Bill Placher…but the smile tells me he knows that Bill Placher approves.

Top:  Bill Cook works at his computer.

Right:  Bill Cook is comfortable and it shows.