The other ghost, in addition to Mitch Mitchum, is Myron "Phil" Phillips ’27, who served as the director from 1956 to 1962.

Phil Phillips is the father of our Society of Wabash College Class Agents.  In his day, the class agents served a vital role in getting the word out about the college and about their classmates.  Can you imagine what Phil would say if he could see the Wabash web site and the frequency with which the content changes?  He’d be amazed.

I think he would also let me know that the vision he saw for class agents keeping their class members connected is just as important today as it was in 1956. He might do a double take on Facebook or Linkedin…but that’s the way it goes…. 

I might get a little talking to as well when he saw the frequency of communication from some class agents. The price we pay for following real legends… 

Thankfully we also have Wabash legends Gordon Colson ’58 (director from 1988-1996) and Stan Walker ’66 (director from 1996-2000) to help us out and show us the way.  They are just a phone call away.