The cool thing about our web site is the information changes almost hourly.  Our web team does an incredible job – if you’re not careful the content will change so quickly you might miss something. 

With that in mind, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the efforts of two all around great guys from the Class of 2004 – Dustin DeNeal and Mike Lynch.

Dustin was recently on campus to talk to our guys, in a very straight-forward manner, about alcohol and the law.  Dustin has the unique talent to be helpful and straightforward but not heavy-handed.  He’s also a Wabash man watching out for other Wabash men.  Dustin works at the powerhouse Indianapolis law firm of Baker and Daniels.

Mike Lynch works at Eli Lilly and his career/experiences there have been sensational.  Mike is one of those guys who has helped our students considering employment at Lilly understand what it takes to be successful in the interview process and working there.  Just like Dustin, Mike approaches it as one Wally helping another.

That Class of 2004 – they’ll be back for the Big Bash in June.  Catch Mike and Dustin … and several of their classmates this summer.