Last Sunday, Trudy and Brad Johnson ’71 threw a birthday party for the ubiquitous Jon Pactor ’71 (pictured above). Jon turned 60 on December 29, 2008.

Of course, I must point out that Brad and I are much younger…we won’t hit that “magic” number until 2009. There’s no truth to the rumor that Jon was held back in Kindergarten. Jon may be 60, but at latest count he’s down 47 (pounds, that is!)

For those of you who know Jon Pactor, it’s his picture on the page of your Funk and Wagnall’s that includes the entry for “Wabash College alumnus.” For those of you (might be a couple out there) who haven’t met Jon, you will.

As you might expect, Jon appeared Sunday at the Johnson’s wearing a Wabash TKE shirt, a Wabash red sweater, and the ever-present Wabash Day hat. Somewhere along the line Brad, Jon, and I talked about their efforts as chapter advisors to the current TKE students. I imagined out loud how much attention the three of us might have paid in our day to a bunch of 60 year old alumni. Not a lot, I stated. However, Brad and Jon are powerful voices and difference makers and, despite their age difference, our students know these guys care.

Where have those years gone, anyway. Why, just yesterday…