Monon Bell Tickets – Better Get Them Quick

OK…this is really simple.

Wabash is 7-0 and DePauw is 5-2…both have good teams…but we all know that the records don’t count.

Wabash leads the series…but we all know that doesn’t count.

Wabash is ranked pretty high this year…but we all know that doesn’t count.

So, it is really simple…you need to be here!

Don’t make the trip plans without first making sure you have the game tickets. (Not that this ever happened :-))

To get the tickets in person, show up at the Wabash Bookstore.  This Saturday is a good time – and watch Wabash battle Oberlin for at least a share in the fourth consecutive conference title.

To order over the phone, call the Wabash Bookstore at 765-361-6271.

To get the tickets on-line, click here.

No excuses…don’t be left out!

  1. We may lead the overall series, but you better believe DePauw will play up that they lead the “Monon Bell series” by 2 games (36-34-6). I think it’s about time to fix that, but first we’ve got to fix Oberlin and Hiram. Go ‘Bash!