WABASH Day, as I have said before, is one of the signature events of our alumni body. It’s hard to accurately quantify the good deeds done that weekend by Wabash alumni all around the country.

I was particularly struck by the photo of the Wabash crew involved in DC with the Special Olympics. First and foremost, I remember way back when…they were all students!

Much more importantly, when I look back I could have told you that these guys would be alumni leaders. They were leaders on campus and I knew, just knew, they’d do the same out in the “real world”.

They are successful in their chosen careers, they are part of the most active (per capita) regional group we have, and they are, to a man, great young men.

Pictured: Jon Dilley ’03, Ryan Clougherty ’02, Jefferson Crew ’05, Rick Strasser ’02, Mike Shelbourne ’00, and Scott Medsker ’03. Also in the photo (l to r): Bethany Lowe, Mike’s fiancee, Kristin Strasser, and Lauren Medsker. I know Kristin and Lauren, they are great young ladies, and I am sure Bethany is as well.